Planning for our parish’s future

Planning for our parish’s future

The parish pastoral council is working on a strategic plan for our parish so we can have a focussed approach to improving parish life for everyone. The purpose of a Parish Strategic Plan is to help parishioners and persons interested in the life of the parish:

  • to identify areas where the parish is doing well or could improve upon within the context of the Parish Mission Statement;
  • to identify strategies for maintaining, improving, or developing standards in the areas identified in the Parish Strategic Plan; and
  • to continuously assess how effectively these strategies are being implemented.

The first step in future plans is understanding where we are now so we have an anonymous survey to ask how all parishioners feel the parish is carrying out its mission and matters which they feel are important in fulfilling that mission

We are anxious to obtain the views of as wide a range of persons as possible and would request our regular churchgoers to engage with and encourage anybody they know who may be an occasional churchgoer or who may no longer attend mass to participate in the Survey.

We cannot address concerns that we don’t know about. We welcome all suggestions you have on how to grow our parish and enrich the lives of all our parishioners. Everyone’s voice is important.

There will be paper copies available in the Church as well as this online form. The survey will be open until Sunday 12th June.


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