Sunday Mass Times Changed Alarm Clock

Both Sunday Mass times have changed. First mass starts at 10:15am and the second mass is at 12:15pm.

Rehearsal for First Holy Communion

We are aware that it has been a long time for the children in our parish since they were first prepared in schools to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Fr. Ubaldo kindly invites all children due to make their First Holy Communion in the coming weeks to attend a rehearsal beforehand in our Church. This will remind them of the steps involved (e.g. how to hold their hands etc) so that on their special day they can approach the Eucharist with confidence and welcome their special friend Jesus into their hearts.

The list of rehearsal times is shown below for each of the upcoming First Communion services.

First Holy Communion BookingRehearsal Date
Wednesday 22nd September @ 5pmWednesday 22nd September @ 4:40pm
Wednesday 22nd September @ 7pmWednesday 22nd September @ 6:40pm
Saturday 25th September @ 11am Friday 24th September @ 6pm
Saturday 25th September @ 1pmFriday 24th September @ 6pm
Thursday 30th September @ 6:30pm Friday 24th September @ 6pm

Religion class registration 2021

Registration for after school religion classes for children from Senior Infants up to 6th class attending non-Catholic schools in our parish are now open for this year 2021-2022. Please click on the link below for your school to enter your child’s details and if you have multiple children please submit a registration form for each child. Once the form is submitted a copy of the registration details will be emailed to you so you have a copy for future reference.

We will be in touch with you shortly with the plans for the religion classes in your school

Welcome to our new priest

We are delighted to inform you that the Arch diocese has appointed to our parish a new priest Fr. Samuel Akaguenyi Chinedu as Parish chaplain. He will also be studying in Maynooth University and we warmly welcome him.

Congregation capacity increase Church Seats

From Monday 6th September onwards, our capacity at each Mass will increase. While this is great news, we need to remember that Covid is still very much with us. With this in mind, we need to be diligent in continuing with the wearing of face coverings and hand sanitising upon entering the church. Let us all endeavour to keep everyone safe by following the guidelines from the competent authority.

First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmations First Communion

Dear parents,
We send you greetings and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope that you are all keeping well.

Following the recent government announcement and the Arch diocese of Dublin recommendations regarding the celebration of sacraments, we are happy to inform you that the church of Divine Mercy, Lucan South parish will soon be carrying out the three sacraments and will be using a booking system, endeavour to book in a suitable date for your son or daughter.

First confessions will take place on 9th and 10th September 2021, while First Holy communion will begin from 16th September to 30th September. Finally confirmation is set for October 21st and 23rd. Keeping our fingers crossed, the state will not change to what is contrary to the set plan above.

In the same spirit we wish to express our gratitude for your understanding and patience exhibited in the past eighteen months since we went into lockdown. We very much know the inconvenience and anxiety lockdown changes brought as you eagerly waited to celebrate these sacraments. Please God they can now go ahead.

We look forward to having colourful and successful celebrations of the sacraments above and wish you the very best in your preparations for the same. Continue offering spiritual support to your sons and daughters. Hope to see you soon.
Every blessings,
Fr. Ubaldo

Click on the links below to find more information and links to the online booking system.

Divine Bloom

There is now a newly formed gardening team of volunteers in Divine Mercy who have been hard at work brightening up the Church grounds and providing flowers for the altar. There is always a welcome for everyone and plenty of laughter and jokes as well as cups of tea/coffee. As with all the Church groups they always welcome new members so feel free to come along.

Remember to bring your banana skins, teabags, coffee granules, crushed egg shells if you have any for our homemade fertiliser. We meet on Saturdays after the 10am morning mass.

We need your help

Stewards: Please consider helping us on the Steward team as with people’s situations ever changing and the coming of the summer holidays we will need more people to cover all the masses. You can get in touch with our online contact form or approach any of the stewards after mass. Training will be provided.

Sanitising after mass: All the pews need to be sprayed and wiped down after mass and since many hands make like work please consider staying after mass and picking up gloves, spray bottle and cloth from the table in the porch and help the team get the Church ready for the next mass. With a few hands on deck it only takes a few minutes but is most appreciated.


Sincere thanks to all who contribute financially to the Parish. We are very grateful to you for your loyal support.

We now have a DONATE button on the right of our Website where you can make a donation to the Parish or the Diocese.  We would ask anyone is able to, to consider making a donation, as the Parish income is at an all-time low. Thank you so much for your generosity in these difficult times.

Daily Readings Readings

Under our Welcome menu you will find links for the Daily Mass Reading which updates every day as well as Sunday Mass Reading for the following Sunday’s mass. It is a great way to be able to read along during mass if you so wish or take time to reflect on the passages during the week and see what message they have for you. One quick note is that if it is a Sunday and you want to see the Gospel for today then click on the Daily Mass Reading link as the Sunday listing will be for the following week.