Sincere thanks to all who contribute financially to the Parish. We are very grateful to you for your loyal support.  Special thanks to those who continue to contribute monthly through Standing order. We rely entirely on the Family Offering Envelopes and the Standing Order contributions to pay the running costs of our Church.  Many thanks for your generosity.


We now have a DONATE button on the right of our Website where you can make a donation to the Parish or the Diocese.  We would ask anyone is able to, to consider making a donation, as the Parish income is at an all-time low.

Standing Order Forms

For anyone who would prefer to donate via Standing Order you can download the form here

Once complete you can post / hand it into the parish office. By donating as little as €21 per month the parish may be able to receive a tax refund of €110 per annum.

Diocesan Collections

The First collection at Mass and the Dues collections support ALL the priests of the Diocese, including sick and retired priests. With no weekly Mass taking place throughout the Diocese, this fund (Common Fund) is close to collapse and the income of all priests has been severely cut.

The Share Collection provides essential pastoral services supporting all parishes. Share also provides support to low-income parishes and contributes to initiatives of the Irish Bishop’s Conference.