Farewell for our retiring parish secretary

Farewell for our retiring parish secretary

We are announcing the retirement of our parish secretary: Dympna Synnott after 11 years of commitment and dedicated service to our parish. As parish community, we wish to express our gratitude to her and we wish Dympna the very best and a long healthy retirement.

As a sign of solidarity and appreciation for her services, I humbly appeal to you all to join both in planning and support in the Farewell ceremony organised for her. It will take place here in the parish premises and a cup of tea will be offered and are all welcome.

It will take place this Friday 30th July 2021 after morning Mass at 10 am

At a later date, we intend to organise a proper farewell for the other parish staff who have already left our parish and once rendered us service. God bless them too abundantly.
Best wishes and blessings.

Fr. Ubaldo

Parish Admin