Building Hope

Building Hope

Each parish community in the Dublin Diocese has been invited to begin to reflect on how best to respond to the pastoral situation in which we find ourselves. There is a continued decline in the number of new vocations to the priesthood so we will have fewer priests in the future to support the work in the parishes of the Diocese.

Our challenge is to shape the future in the light of the Gospel, rather than simply reacting to events. The Archbishop has invited all parishes to hold a discussion on what is going well in the parish, where there is room for improvement and which other parishes it would make sense for us to partner with. Finally, we will begin to reflect on how we can share our gifts and talents, team ministries and pastoral provision with other parishes.

Everyone is invited to take part in this conversation as together we build hope for a new future and a new way of being Church. Similar to the Synod discussion we will divide into a number of smaller groups for the discussion and we are looking for volunteers to note down the points made by these groups. If you are willing to help us with this please get in touch with the Parish Office.

The location and date for the meeting with be announced in the coming weeks.

Short animated video explaining Building Hope
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