Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating

Umbrella needed when sitting outside

Thanks to the outdoor speakers we have been able to accomodate more people at our weekend masses sitting out in the Courtyard with the doors open so people can see and hear mass. In fine weather it is beautiful to sit out and enjoy the wonders of God’s creation all around us, however living in Ireland we are unfortunately not guaranteed to have fine weather.

Once we have reached capacity in the main Church we are not permitted to allow people into the Church from the courtyard even when it rains as it would break Government and Diocesan health guidelines on keeping everyone safe from Covid-19.

If you are sitting outside please make sure you have an umbrella or other rain protection with you to shelter. You could also sit in your car until the shower has passed. Our Church is there to provide shelter for the soul, mind and body and it feels awful to think of having to turn people away. We continue pray for fine weather so we don’t need to do this, and we hope that you will understand that if it happens it is for the safety of everyone inside and outside the Church in this uncertain Covid-19 world.

Thank you all for your continued understanding and patience. Take care of yourselves and others.

Parish Admin

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