Community Gardening Part 2

Community Gardening Part 2

Garden Tools

There was a wonderful response to our appeal for volunteers for the Church Community Gardening last Saturday and a huge thank you to all involved. You can clearly see from looking around how much better the flower beds are looking and we even discovered some lights in the courtyard which had been completely covered by the thriving plants.

While we made brilliant progress in the courtyard there is still a bit of work to be done to cut back the other flower beds around the Church.

We are inviting everyone who is able to join us on Saturday 8th August after 10am mass to join us with your gardening tools and gloves for our second Church Community gardening session.

There was such a warm and welcoming atmosphere last Saturday with volunteers of all ages from young children up to more experienced members of the community all coming together in the sunshine. Chairs and tables seemed to appear miraculously in the court yard with tea and biscuits for everyone which was a lovely surprise and most welcome.

It is a wonderful way to get to know other people in our parish community and enjoy some light hearted moments together.

If anyone has wheel barrows / garden waste pop up bags to bring along they would be great to help make it easier to gather the clippings and bring to the collection point.

Thank you from all the parish team!

Parish Admin

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