Divine Bloom Update

Divine Bloom Update

There is now a newly formed gardening team of volunteers in Divine Mercy who have been hard at work in mixed weather conditions brightening up the Church grounds. There is always a welcome for everyone and plenty of laughter and jokes as well as cups of tea/coffee and biscuits and even sometimes iced doughnuts provided for the team. As with all the Church groups they are always looking for more people to help out so if you want to pitch in get in touch with the parish office and they will put you in touch.

They are meeting at the Church on Wednesday 12th May at 5:30pm – all welcome!

The team tackled the tough work of scrapping off the dead ivy and other climbers which were on the courtyard walls and the results speak for themselves. As the Church reopens it is clear for us all to see how much better the grounds of the Church look especially around the entrances and a huge thanks to all who have donated plants as well as their time to help.

Removing dead climbers from the courtyard

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