First Communion 2021 Guidelines

First Communion 2021 Guidelines

Holy Saturday

As you know due to pandemic a lot of restrictions are in place. In order to ensure that everyone coming for the celebration of the Sacrament of the first Holy Communion is safe, we have put in place some guidelines. Please take your time to read through the details below and if you have any question or concerns our parish contact details are at the end of this page.

What time will the ceremony start ?
The ceremony will start at either 11:00am or 1:00pm depending on which ceremony your child is scheduled to attend.

Will the First Holy Communion children be singing at the ceremony
Unfortunately, there will be no singing but music will be played.

Will First Holy Communion children be bringing up symbols or offertory gifts
There will be no bringing up of symbols for the ceremony and due to the pandemic we will not have offertory procession either. Symbols will already be placed in the scared space before we start the celebration. This is to limit surfaces being touched by multiple people.

Do we bring anything on the day?
No, just be early so we can start at the exact time schedule for the ceremony.

How many people can we bring along?
The First Communion child and two parents/guardians. So in total TWO people only with each child. We had hoped the Government would ease the restrictions to allow us to have more in the Church but are limited to just 50. We encourage you to let family and friends know that they can follow the ceremony via our parish webcam on our Youtube Channel.

How long will the ceremony last?
We hope it will not be more than 45mins. We encourage you to be on time. We also encourage you not to stay back to chat in the church at the end of the ceremony because we will be cleaning and airing the church in preparation for the next liturgy.

What will happen during the reception of the Holy Communion?
We encourage one of the parents to accompany their child to the altar for the reception of the Holy communion. Please if your child is wearing gloves, please assist him or her by taking them off during the reception of Communion. If your child dress will hinder them from proceeding to the altar please assist them to smooth movement to the altar. Please we ask you to ensure that the child is not chewing gum.

Can we take pictures during the ceremony?
No. Please due to GDPR and to avoid distractions, we ask you not to take pictures during the ceremony. You can however take pictures after the ceremony, but we request you do not climb the altar for this purpose.

What safety measures will be put in place?

  • Doors will be held open to reduce the need for people to touch surfaces such as door handles.
  • The clergy, sacristan, stewards and parish team will be wearing masks.
  • We recommend everyone coming into the church should wear a mask.
  • Everyone will have to use the provided hand sanitizers as they enter the Church.
  • There will be a one way system and social distancing in operation in the Church, assisted by our stewards.
  • All seat assignments will be 2 metres apart.
  • During the celebration front and back doors will remain open (weather permitting) to allow for better ventilation.
  • Surfaces which may have been touched will be sanitised afterwards.

Can I still use the toilet facilities at the Church?
Unfortunately, due to the risk of infection, there will be no access to the toilets in the Church and they will be locked.

Where can I find more information on guidelines in place in the parish?
Please refer to our parish website for additional information on the policies which are currently in place in the Church in response to Covid-19.

What are the contact details for the parish office?
Please if you have any question or concern do not hesitate to email us: or phone us: 01 4572900

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